CB-NSG meeting June 2022

Here you can read a summary of our June 2022 CB-NSG meeting, held virtually, with links to posters, resources and other relevant information.

Lifelong Community Support for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities

The Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group meeting, ‘Lifelong Community Support for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities’, will be held virtually on the 27th June 2022. The event will focus on ensuring there is good community support throughout all stages of life and life transitions and supporting families. 

During the meeting attendees will discuss key issues and agree a range of actions which will help to improve community support for individuals with severe learning disabilities and influence local and national policy. Workshop topics include intensive support, early intervention, transition, collaborative working and future planning. The meeting will have presentations on: 

  • Community Support (Making it Happen) 
  • “Mapping and Evaluating Services for Children with Learning Disabilities and Behaviours that Challenge (MELD): Stage 1 results” 
  • Transforming Care – Mapping and developing community support (what exists, where are the gaps and funding issues, how are they being addressed?) 
  • Learning from the External Support Group – building expertise and confidence in Local Teams 
  • CQC’s role in ensuring community support delivers good outcomes (Supported living coalition, Out of sight findings on community support) 

The meeting will be written up and action plans published and taken forward. 


Attendees will join action planning workshops on the following topics.  


Please click on the links below to view posters showing best practice examples of community care. 

How increasing communication skills can reduce restrictive practices in schools- A clinical case study in an Intensive positive behaviour service (IPBS) 

Good Lives for everyone 

Supported Living Improvement Coalition   Supported Living Improvement Coalition Poster


Challenging Behaviour Charter

Challenging Behaviour Charter

The Challenging Behaviour Charter sets out the rights of the people with learning disability and the action that needs to be taken. Find out how to sign up.