Sharing best practice

This page links to information, resources, policy documents and guides to aid dissemination of best practice.

Working in partnership

This webpage addresses how to work in partnership, asking the questions: What are the barriers to good partnership working? How can we overcome barriers to working in partnership?

Working in partnership

Co-production best practice

See our resources and guidance sheets around co-production best practice.

Co-production best practice

Policy and best practice

[March 2024] Please note: we are in the process of updating our ‘Policies’ and ‘Best Practice’ pages. There may be a short period where these are inaccessible and/or incomplete. We apologise for the inconvenience and we aim to finish updating these as soon as possible.

Consult our ‘Policies’ and ‘Best Practice’ pages for useful information and best practice guides and reports from the CBF and other organisations.


Best Practice

Examples of good practice for children and young people

We have undertaken several projects focusing on early intervention and early years support. In the process we have developed a vision of good early intervention, informed by evidence, workshops and focus groups.

We want to see our vision become reality for children with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. We will continue to collect case studies of good practice – something that professionals and commissioners have requested – which can be used to improve the delivery of services in the future.

Read the good practice case studies on the Paving the Way website

CB-NSG Sharing best practice working document

At the CBNSG in May 2021, members agreed to develop a CB-NSG document summarising examples of best practice and research when working with children, young people and adults with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge. The purpose of the document is to keep members informed of best practice and research, which could be used to influence and develop practice in their own area. The document is also intended to connect members who are involved in or developing related areas of practice and will be shared with CB-NSG members, and available on the CBF website.

See the CB-NSG Sharing best practice working document

Projects and research

Projects and research

The CBF aims to improve lives for individuals with severe learning disabilities who display behaviour that challenges through our project work, using new approaches and encouraging others to learn from this work and improve their practices.

Working in partnership

Working in partnership

The CBF promotes good partnership working between professionals and families. This page encourages professionals to improve partnership working, asking the questions: What are the barriers to good partnership working? How can we overcome barriers to working in partnership?