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What is challenging behaviour and how can the Challenging Behaviour Foundation help?

What is challenging behaviour?

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My life, my way


My life, my way

The family of Claire Steeples, 43, tell her story, where determination and the use of a personal budget to buy care, have transformed Claire's life.

Will things change after lockdown?


Will things change after lockdown?

Cathy and Mark share their experience of lockdown, in which they fully isolated as a family bubble - a way of living that was not entirely new to them.

PICA: Kate and Laura’s story


PICA: Kate and Laura’s story

Laura has a severe learning disability. She has a great happy life but her mother's greatest concern for Laura is her Pica behaviour, or eating objects not suitable to be eaten.

Information and guidance

We hold a broad range of information and guidance about challenging behaviour and connected issues, including information sheets, FAQs, packs, templates and DVDs.

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Information and guidance

Positive Behaviour Support

We offer information resources about Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), which is a person-centred approach to supporting people with a learning disability.

Information and guidance

Person-centred support

Our resources give information about different aspects of communication and teaching new skills, support packages, transition planning and planning for the future.

Information and guidance


Our resources give information about healthcare, answering your frequently asked questions on topics such as consenting to treatment and reasonable adjustments.

Information and guidance

Early intervention

We have produced resources showing how methods using early intervention can reduce the severity and frequency of challenging behaviour and improve quality of life.

Information and guidance

When things go wrong

The information on this page will help you understand what is meant by poor support and abuse, and who to talk to if you suspect your relative is coming to harm or not being cared for properly.

Information and guidance

Wellbeing of family

The wellbeing of the whole family is of paramount importance to harmony and happiness; our resources provide advice and tips on how to keep parents, siblings and children well.

Information and guidance

Rights and Advocacy

Our factsheets, FAQS and templates give valuable information about you and your family members’ legal rights.

Information and guidance

Cost of living support

The CBF is producing and sharing resources that may provide some useful information and advice if you or your family are struggling with the cost of living.

Latest updates

We have a range of articles covering the latest news relating to severe learning disabilities, our own statements, newsletters, CBF news (such as vacancies) and families’ stories. Read our latest articles below, or search for something more specific:

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Challenge Accepted

Our new series of family podcasts Challenge Accepted launched in December and feature family perspectives on connecting with others, taking time to themselves, spending time together as a family and accessing carers assessments and respite.

Connections and Co Production

Read or download a PDF of our ‘Challenge Newsletter Winter 2023: Connections and Co-Production’ by clicking on the button. The Challenging Behaviour Foundation’s newsletter ‘Challenge‘ is produced three times a year. Subscription is free of charge.

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Making a difference to the lives of people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges.

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Do you support someone with severe learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge? We can help.

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If you are involved in supporting people with severe learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge, we can help.

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