Take on a challenge

We’re always looking for new fundraisers and we’ll support you every step of the way, whether it's walking or skydiving!

Over the years, numerous people have taken on a sporting challenge in support of the CBF. Below are just a few of the photos we have to mark their endeavours. Thank you to you all!

Run, walk, cycle, swim

Whatever your activity, we’re hugely grateful for the support!

We encourage all of our supporters wishing to run the London Marathon to enter the ballot, which is usually a week or two after the marathon in April. Anyone who raises more than £150 will receive a free running t-shirt or vest!


2024:  CBF Finance & Fundraising Lead, Helen, is running both the Brighton Marathon and London Marathon just 2 weeks later.  You can support Helen and the CBF by donating here:



Carina at the London Marathon, smiling and holding her medalKeith Ridge at the London Landmarks Half Marathon


2021: CBF employee, Carina, ran the London Marathon and Keith Ridge ran the London Landmarks Half Marathon, both supporting the CBF in their endeavours. Each of them raised more than £2k. Thank you both for your incredible support.



2020: The CBF managed to get a coveted charity place for the London Marathon whereby competitors ran a marathon distance near their homes on 4th October. Ben Matthews won the ballot for the CBF charity place and ran the virtual London Marathon along part of the North Downs Way and raised an amazing £2715.25.



2019: Josie Warner ran the London Marathon in April 2019, raising funds for the CBF. Josie is connected to the CBF through her Aunt Helen, who is our Finance and Fundraising Lead and who also ran the London Marathon for the CBF in 2018. We are very grateful to Josie for her support and fantastic fundraising.

Try out skydiving


You could organise a sponsored skydive. Raise money and have the experience of a lifetime!



Perched on the edge of the tiny plane you are suddenly launched into orbit! Tumbling disorientated your brain and heart freak out!! But only for a split second. Your body levels with gravity and you go ohhh WOW! Falling with style! Words and thoughts fail as adrenalin and acceleration take over. You are in awe. Life takes on perspective. You can do anything.

Get work involved

There are various ways to fundraise with your workplace or business. If you would like to donate through your salary, the Give as you Earn scheme means you will not be taxed on your charitable donations. Or you could organise a fundraising event with your work, maybe staff challenges and team building, quiz nights or team runs? You could also ask your work to match the funds you raise for us. Another way could be to nominate us as ‘charity of the year’.

Fundraise for free

Fundraise for free

You can easily raise money for the Challenging Behaviour Foundation without spending anything extra, or leaving the comfort of your sofa!

Meet our supporters

Meet our supporters

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the support we have received for our work.