Family Support Service

The Family Support Service can provide information and support about the needs of your family member with a severe learning disability. Our support is confidential, and we won’t judge you or tell you what to do.

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We are open at the following times: 

  • Monday – Thursday: 9am – 5pm 
  • Friday: 9am – 3pm 

We offer information about challenging behaviour to anyone who provides support to a child, young person or adult with a  severe learning disability. We can also signpost you to other specialist organisations and sources of information. 

Please note we are a small charity and have one Family Support Worker available each day. This could mean you are not able to get support straight away. We will support families with urgent concerns as a priority.

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Families who we have supported used the words above to describe how they felt afterwards or the difference the support made.

Don’t speak English? 

Speak to the CBF in your language. 

The CBF receives calls from families from diverse backgrounds. We have an interpreting service available to families whose first language is not English. The CBF will arrange for an interpreter to join the call to translate the conversation. This is a free and confidential service. If you or someone you know would like to use the interpreting service, please let us know so we can arrange this for you.  

Please call 0300 666 0126, email, or contact us here  giving the name, phone number and language. 

The CBF is only able to support people who care for someone with a  severe or profound learning disability. For people caring for someone with a mild or moderate learning disability or other disability, sources of support and information are listed in our directory here. 

Our Safeguarding Policy 

Our support service is confidential and aims to be a safe and supportive place to share your concerns and receive support. We will only break confidentiality if there is a safeguarding concern and then we will support you through what this means and how we resolve any issues. Please click here to read our safeguarding policy in full.


Your stories

Your stories

Read your stories about the experiences of other families and carers of people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenge

Wellbeing of family

Wellbeing of family

The wellbeing of the whole family is of paramount importance to harmony and happiness. Our resources provide advice and tips on how to keep everyone well - parents, siblings and children.

Peer support

Peer support

The CBF is offering free peer support for family carers from your own homes during the Coronavirus pandemic. On this page you can read about 'Peer support calls' and 'Carers' Catch Ups'.