Our resources give information about health care, answering your questions on topics such as medication, mental health, consenting to treatment, reasonable adjustments and dental treatment.

Children, young people and adults have the right to a healthy life and to be given the appropriate support to achieve this. 

Health and challenging behaviour

Children and adults with learning disabilities are more likely to have health problems than the general population. Consult our page and learn about some of the common health problems experienced by people with learning disabilities, how health problems might increase challenging behaviour, how some challenging behaviours can contribute to health problems and how you can help a person with a learning disability stay healthy. We have prepared a quick read guide and a complete information sheet available to download.

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The use of medication for challenging behaviour

There is a long history of excessive and inappropriate use of major tranquillising medication for “treating” challenging behaviour. Medication should not be used in this way. We have prepared a quick read guide and a complete information sheet available to download.

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Medication Pathway for Family Carers

This practial resource has been specially developed for family carers concerned about the use of psychotropic medication for their relative with a learning disability, autism or both.

Use the Medication Pathway online resource

Or order a printed copy of the Medication Information Pack by contacting us.

The resources are part of the STOMP programme, led by NHS England.

Mental health in people with a learning disability

For children and adults with learning disabilities, problems with mental health often go undetected as the symptoms can be mixed up with the child or adult’s learning disabilities or challenging behaviour. We have prepared a quick read guide and a complete information sheet available to download.

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Learning Disability Nurses

A Learning Disability Nurse is a qualified nurse who has additional specialist training, knowledge, and skills to work in partnership with families and their relative with a learning disability, to support them to optimise their health and well-being throughout their lives

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Other information pages in this section

Consult the informative pages below to get the answers to your questions:

Healthcare – Consenting to treatment

Reasonable adjustments

Accessing dental care

Short video clip about communication – hospital passport

Further support

If you have unanswered questions after reading our information resources please contact us using the link below for individual support from our Family Support Service.

Our COVID-19 resources

Our COVID-19 resources

We understand that this is a very challenging time and are working to produce resources that may provide some useful information and tips to you and your families.

When things go wrong

When things go wrong

The information on this page will help you understand what is meant by poor support and abuse, and who to talk to if you suspect your relative is coming to harm or not being cared for properly.

Wellbeing of family

Wellbeing of family

The wellbeing of the whole family is of paramount importance to harmony and happiness. Our resources provide advice and tips on how to keep everyone well - parents, siblings and children.