Peer support

The CBF is offering free peer support for family carers from your own homes during the Coronavirus pandemic. On this page you can read about our private Facebook group, 'Peer support calls' and 'Carers' Catch Ups'.

Private Facebook group: The CBF Family Forum

The private Facebook group, The CBF Family Forum, is open to family carers of children and adults with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. The group moderators are CBF volunteers and family carers. The group is a welcoming and supportive community, with opportunities to share personal experiences, ask and answer questions and form relationships with one another.

To join the private group, click on the link below, answer three eligibility questions, and agree to a set of group rules. Applications to join are then reviewed by CBF volunteer administrators.

The CBF Family Forum | Facebook

Peer support calls

CBF are now offering support calls from a fellow family carer.

Sometimes it helps to ‘offload’ to someone who understands what you are going through. These calls will be purely a listening ear, giving you the time to talk. The support is non-judgmental and confidential. This is not a counselling, information or advice service.

You will be offered 1 or 2 calls with the same family carer supporter. You are welcome to also use the CBF’s other support before, during and after.

Open to parents, siblings or other close relatives of children, young people or adults with severe learning disabilities who display behaviour that challenges.

How to book a call:

Please contact Elissia on 0300 666 0126 or

* We are currently piloting this service. If we are unable to offer you a Listening Ear call we will tell you about other ways of getting support.

Carers’ Catch Ups 

These are informal chat groups with other families.  

  • Chat with others who understand the ups and downs of caring for and about someone with a severe learning disability.  
  • Celebrate successes, share tips, have a moan with others who ‘get it’. 

Current timetable

The chats started back again with Emma as host on 20 September 2021, taking place every other Monday at 11:30am. If you care for somebody with a severe learning disability and want to join the chat, please send an email to

More information

Watch this short video from Diana, one of our hosts, who explains more about the sessions (although please note that Diana’s sessions are not currently running)

Family Carers’ Email Network

Join our Family Carers’ Email Network and get in touch with families around the UK to share experiences, get information and peer support.  

Family Carers’ Email Network


Family Support Service

Family Support Service

The Family Support Service can provide information and support about the needs of your family member with a severe learning disability. Our support is confidential, and we won’t judge you or tell you what to do.

Family Carers' Email Network

Family Carers' Email Network

The CBF Family Carers’ Email Network enables you to be in touch with a number of families around the UK. You can share experiences, information and receive support - without any obligation to reply or to identify yourself.