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Information from the CBF

Working in partnership

This page covers:

  1. Working in Partnership with families. Why it’s important for professionals to work closely with families.
  2. Barriers to partnership working. A look at what kind of barriers there can be to professionals and families working together. 
  3. Successful partnership working. Some ideas for working together successfully. 

Resources from the Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group 

Visit page: Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group

Positive Behaviour Support

PBS key messages PDF

Our resource shows that PBS is more than just “getting rid of problem behaviours.” It is a holistic approach that considers the quality of a person’s life and those of the people around them. 

Read this information sheet for an introduction to PbS and how it should be carried out to ensure the best outcomes for people with a learning disability. What is PBS? Why is it effective? And how can it be delivered successfully?

Time for Action 

Time for Action: Stopping the Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities calls for a number of specific actions to be taken in response to the Panorama Investigation. 

  1. Stop sending people to live in hospitals for people with learning disabilities 
  2. Make sure managers are trained. They should have to do Positive Behaviour Support training. This will help them  understand why people show challenging behaviour 
  3. Train inspectors so that they know what to look for in learning disability services 

An Easy Read Version is also available. 

Well Matched & Skilled Staff 

We have two pamphlets aimed at commissioners, one for adults and one for children:


Social Care Institute for Excellence ‘At-a-Glance’ Guides

Three ‘At a glance’ guides aimed at family carers supporting people whose behaviour is described as challenging are available. The guides have been developed in collaboration with the Social Care Institute for Excellence(SCIE). There are separate guides for adults, teenagers and children. 

  • At a glance 38Challenging behaviour: a guide for family carers on getting the right support for children. Social Care Institute for Excellence. 
  •   At a glance 39. Challenging behaviour: a guide for family carers on getting the right support for teenagers. Social Care Institute for Excellence.
  • At a glance 37. Challenging behaviour: a guide for family carers on getting the right support for adults. Social Care Institute for Excellence. 

Better Commissioning – Scoping Exercise

As part of the Valuing People Now  delivery plan “Developing Better Commissioning for individuals with behaviour that challenges services – a scoping exercise” has been published by the Tizard Centre, University of Kent and The Challenging Behaviour Foundation. 

Full report: Developing better commissioning for individuals with behaviour that challenges – a scoping exercise. Peter McGill, Vivien Cooper & Gemma Honeyman (2010). The research identifies key findings from interviews conducted with commissioners and family carers and makes a number of recommendations. 

Summary report: Developing better commissioning for individuals with behaviour that challenges – a scoping exercise. Peter McGill, Vivien Cooper & Gemma Honeyman (2010) 


Sign up to the Challenging Behaviour Charter and commit to endorsing the rights of individuals with severe learning disabilities who are perceived as challenging to services and others. 

Find out more about the Challenging Behaviour Charter

 Promoting Resilience

This checklist will enable providers to implement practical, evidence-based strategies for increasing the resilience of operational staff. 

Key policy documents, best practice guides and reports 


  • Mansell 2: Services for people with learning disability and challenging behaviour or mental health needs (2007) 
  • Fulfilling the Promises (Wales) 
  • Valuing people now (England): A new three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities (2009) 
  • The keys to life (Scotland): Improving Quality of Life for People with Learning Disabilities (2013) 
  • Equal Lives Report (Northern Ireland): Review of Policy and Services for people with a Learning Disability in Northern Ireland (2005) 
  • Valuing People: A new strategy for learning disability for the 21st century a white paper (2001) 
  • Raising Our Sights: Services for adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities.  A report by Professor  Jim Mansell. (2010)    
  • Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives: The strategy for autism in England. (2010)  

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