Challenging Behaviour Charter

The Challenging Behaviour Charter sets out the rights of the people with learning disability and the action that needs to be taken. Find out how to sign up.


Members of the Challenging Behaviour-National Strategy Group (CB-NSG) have worked together to develop a Challenging Behaviour Charter which sets out the rights of people with a learning disability and the action that needs to be taken.

Challenging behaviour is often perceived as a ‘problem’ or ‘illness’ to be ‘treated’, ‘cured’ or ‘stopped’. The problem is seen as being part of the child or adult rather than focussing on what needs to change around the individual, such as their environment or how people support them. This is unhelpful and potentially damaging for these individuals.

We need to look beyond the behaviour, understand what the behaviour is communicating and then provide appropriate person-centred, holistic support to enable individuals to achieve their full potential. We know that much better support and services could be provided for children and adults who are perceived as challenging. This charter sets out the rights of these individuals and the action that needs to be taken.

All aspects of the CB-NSG’s work are linked to the charter to ensure that the group remains focussed on the rights of individuals with severe learning disabilities and/or autism whose behaviour challenges.

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Read or download the Challenging Behaviour Charter

Read or download the easy read Challenging Behaviour Charter

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All Core and Associate CB-NSG members sign up to the charter, which sets out a shared vision and action required to deliver it. Signing the charter is a commitment to drive change.

Anyone who signs the charter automatically becomes an Associate member. In doing so, you agree to working in partnership with the CB-NSG to influence real change.

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Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group

Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation formed the Challenging Behaviour - National Strategy Group to break down the barriers to enable children and adults to get the right support to have a good life. 

Working in partnership

Working in partnership

The CBF promotes good partnership working between professionals and families. This page encourages professionals to improve partnership working, asking the questions: What are the barriers to good partnership working? How can we overcome barriers to working in partnership?