National Strategy Group - membership

Find out how to become a Core or Associate member.

CB-NSG Membership

The CB-NSG is made up of Core and Associate members. Both Core and Associate members sign up to the Challenging Behaviour Charter, the core framework of the CB-NSG and make a commitment to activity and driving change. All members receive regular electronic updates on the work of the CB-NSG and a free copy of the Challenge E-Newsletter.  

Core membership

In addition to signing-up to the Charter, Core members complete an application form which is assessed by the CB-NSG Steering Group. Membership is restricted to keep the group to a manageable size whilst ensuring key stakeholders from across the UK are engaged with the group. Core members are actively involved and committed to the work of the CB-NSG. The CB-NSG Core members meet bi-annually to discuss key issues in an action focussed day concentrated on: 

  • Gathering evidence about current service provision and development 
  • Establishing and sharing examples of best practice 
  • Raising awareness at all levels, from individuals and families to regional and national governments. 

You can view information from recent CB-NSG meetings here.  

In addition to attending meetings, Core members develop work plans, contribute to delivery, have capacity to commit to agreed actions and disseminate information to their networks and contacts.  

Core members of the CB-NSG include: 

  • Family carers, 
  • People with learning disabilities, 
  • Representatives of a number of professional bodies, 
  • Researchers, 
  • Service providers and practitioners. 

To find out more about becoming a Core member

Download the application form for professionals

Download the application form for family carers

Associate membership

Associate membership is open to any person or organisation who supports the Challenging Behaviour Charter and demonstrates their commitment to the Charter’s rights and values by completing and submitting a sign-up form.  

To become an Associate member

To sign the charter, please complete the form on this page.

Or sign the last page of the Challenging Behaviour Charter and return either by:

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation
The Old Courthouse, 
New Road Avenue, 
ME4 6BE 

Please note that due to a large number of applications from provider organisations a review of all provider members was carried out. The current three providers were selected at the Steering Group meeting in Autumn 2020 and have a two-year fixed term core CB-NSG membership.   

Applications for provider membership will be open in Autumn 2022. Organisations that are not service providers, and individuals e.g. family carers, are welcome to apply at any time.  

The CB-NSG and its Core membership is chaired by the CB-NSG Steering Group who meet approximately four times a year.