About the Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group

The Challenging Behaviour - National Strategy Group (CB-NSG) is motivated to drive change forward to make a real difference to the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging.

An estimated 27, 000 people in the UK have been given the label of challenging behaviour and over time this label has become misused. The term challenging behaviour should encourage carers and professionals to find effective ways of understanding a person’s behaviour and its underlying causes. Instead, it is often used as a diagnostic label, leading to stigmatisation and exclusion. Children and adults whose behaviour is described as challenging are often denied the right to live an ordinary life in their local community, and placed in institutional settings far away from their homes and families.

With this in mind, the Challenging Behaviour Foundation formed the CB-NSG. It is an action focused group that works together to break down the barriers to enable children and adults to get the right support to have a good life.

The CB-NSG steering group directs the work of a larger core membership. This work falls into three categories:

  • Gathering of evidence about current service provision and development
  • Establishing and sharing examples of best practice
  • Raising awareness at all levels, from individuals and families to regional and national governments.

How We Drive ChangeCB-NSG in action

The CB-NSG focuses on four core areas:

  • We work in partnership
  • We coordinate and share good practice
  • We are action focused
  • We are motivated to delivering real change

How the Group Works

Core members of the CB-NSG include:

  • Family carers,
  • People with learning disabilities,
  • Representatives of a number of professional bodies,
  • Researchers,
  • Service providers and practitioners.

Core members meet twice a year to discuss how to drive change. Click here for a full list of core members.

In addition, there are a large number of associate members who do not attend meetings but input their views to the group via email, telephone, letters and the website. Click here to find out more about becoming a core or associate member.

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Post: CB-NSG, Challenging Behaviour Foundation, The old Courthouse, New Road avenue, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6BE

Tel: 01634 838739

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