11th March 2015

On the 11th March 2015, the Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group (CB-NSG) held its bi-annual meeting.


The theme of the meeting was ‘Time for Action’. In June 2011 CB NSG published the ‘Time for Action’ report, detailing what needed to happen post Winterbourne View. Now with the Bubb report and the NHS England response ‘Transforming Care: Next Steps’ it is clear that much of what needs to happen is still outstanding. This CB-NSG looked at how we can work together to move from report to reality.



The meeting began with a talk from David and Jill Jack, parents to James.  James has severe learning disabilities and displays behaviour that challenges. It was a powerful, well received presentation which highlighted the struggles that families go through and how very little has changed.


Fiona Clark (NHS England) spoke about ‘Working together to deliver the transformation’ and Lisa Bayliss-Pratt (Health Education England) presented on ‘Developing the workforce to support children and adults with learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging’. David Pearson (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) then spoke about ‘Transforming Care: The Social Care Contribution’. In light of the failure to meet the concordat agreements after the Winterbourne View scandal, and the announcement of a closure programme by Simon Stevens (president of NHSE) in February, CB-NSG members were interested in the work of these national bodies and asked questions following each presentation.


After a short break attendees chose to attend one of three workshops:


1. Workforce Development

Della Money (Learning Disability Professional Senate) & David Allen (Positive Response) updated participants on their respective work in this area including the Learning Disability Professional Senate paper ‘Delivering Effective Specialist Community Learning Disabilities Health Team Support to People with Learning Disabilities and their Families or Carers’ and the PBS Academy/Coalition development of a PBS competency framework. Click here to view the outcomes of the workshop.


2. Learning from Previous Closure Programmes

Peter McGill (Tizard Centre) and Sue Carmichael led a discussion on hospital closure, drawing from experience of previous closure programmes including long-stay institutions and campus closure. The group discussed the key points that should be learnt from these closure programmes and the best way to feed them into the closure programme announced by Simon Stevens at the Public Accounts Committee in February. Click here to view the outcomes of the workshop.


3. Getting it right for children

Christine Lenehan (Council for Disabled Children) ran a workshop  to gain early input from CB-NSG members to a piece of work the Children’s Health and Wellbeing Partnership is taking forward to identify improvements in the system which will help prevent future admission to ATUs of children with learning disabilities whose behaviour is described as challenging. Click here to view the outcomes of the workshop.


The group came back together and Sophy Miles (The Law Society) presented to all attendees on ‘Exercising Legal Rights’.


For the second time, the CB-NSG heard examples of good practice through poster presentations. Edwin Jones (ABM ULHB) spoke about ‘Closer to home: Commissioning PBS solutions in Wales’ and Noelle Blackman (Respond) spoke about ‘Evaluating a Pilot: Trauma Training’.


The afternoon action planning groups were:


1. Regulating, Monitoring and Inspecting Services

Theresa Joyce (CQC) and Sheila Morris (an Expert by Experience for CQC) spoke about inspecting learning disability inpatient services - seeking CB-NSG member input into the process and how it could be improved.


2. What the data tells us and how we use it

This workshop was chaired by Eric Emerson and began with a presentation from Robert Cavalleri (HSCIC) about the LD census and transforming care data. The group discussed gaps and questions they had about the most recent data published and highlighted the importance of the data collections. Click here to view the outcomes of the workshop.


3. Money Flows

Tim Keen (NHS England) and Wendy Ewins led a discussion on the issues around money and how money flow affects service provision for this group. Click here to view the outcomes of the workshop.                                                                                                                        


Written updates were provided by the steering group on progress made since the last CB-NSG meeting and a report was given to members which focused on where the group came from, what it has achieved and its future direction.

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