Getting It Right

The CBF's 'Getting It Right' project helps improve both national and local support and services for children and adults with severe learning disabilities and their families.

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Getting It Right was a project (2019-2023) funded by the National Lottery Community fund. The aim was that by the end of the project there are:

  1. more families feeling empowered and supported to improve the quality of life of their relative and reduce behaviours that challenge, and
  2. more people in official and influential positions introducing evidence-based approaches in their areas and knowing where they can find support.

The project can be divided into three interconnected streams:

Strategic local input

In each year of the project we worked with a different local area to deliver the strategic local input stream of the project:

Year 1 – West Sussex

Year 2 – Black Country

Year 3 – Camden

Strategic national work

This strand of the project is focused on influencing change at a national level. The Getting It Right project is helping us to continue and enhance the work of the Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group and its sub groups.

Find out more about Strategic National Work here

Sharing information and best practice

In order to reach more families and family supporters with our content and information we have developed this new accessible website. We want essential resources to be accessible to families whenever they need them and therefore the new website is easily accessible via mobile and tablets.

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Cumbria early intervention pilot

Cumbria early intervention pilot

The CBF and the Tizard Centre worked with colleagues leading the Transforming Care workforce strategy in Cumbria to pilot an evidence-based early intervention approach in the county.

Sharing best practice

Sharing best practice

This page links to information, resources, policy documents and guides to aid dissemination of best practice.