Research Engagement, Access and Dissemination (READ) project

The Research Engagement, Access and Dissemination (READ) project is a new project that aims to co-produce accessible summaries of existing research.

What is the project about? 

The project will focus on research in the field of learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge. 

It is important that research is accessible and made available to as many people as possible to maximise the benefits, and making research available to family carers who may benefit is particularly important. However, often research publications are behind pay-walls, include a lot of jargon that can be difficult to understand, or are time consuming to source and read.  

This project, led by the CBF and SF-DDARIN (Sharland Foundation Developmental Disabilities Applied Behavioural Research and Impact Network), aims to produce and share accessible summaries. 

How will this be achieved? 

This project will be split into two parts. 

  • Part 1 will focus on co-producing and developing the concept of the project with family carers. This will include identifying which areas of learning disability research family carers are most interested in and the best format to share summaries of research.  
  • Part 2, (which is subject to additional funding), will focus on creating accessible summaries and sharing these with family carers.   


Family carers are crucial in the development of this project helping make the most of this research and ensuring that the research team create accessible materials. A family carer will work with researchers and CBF staff throughout the project to make key decisions, provide feedback, and supporting the project write up. 

 Subject to additional funding family carers will co-produce the accessible summaries.  


If you have any questions or would like more information about this project, contact Imarni at