CB-NSG Membership Information

The Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group (CB-NSG) was formed by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation in 2008.

There are two types of membership:

Associate membership

  • Associate membership is welcome to any person or organisation who supports the Challenging Behaviour Charter and demonstrates their commitment to the Charter’s rights and values by completing and submitting a sign-up form. No application is required.
  • Due to limited capacity, associate members do not engage directly with the CB-NSG through our national meetings.
  • However, associate members will receive information from the group circulated by email and can input to the work of the group via telephone, post, email and the CBF website.

To join the CB-NSG as an associate member e-mail: or Tel: 01634 838739 with your request to become an associate member (application form not required).

Core membership

  • Core members are actively involved and committed to the work of the CB-NSG. They attend 2 national meetings a year and contribute to the work of the group via e-mail between meetings.
  • In addition to attending meetings, core members develop work plans, contribute to delivery, have capacity to commit to agreed actions and if applicable are supported by their line management /organisation.
  • Core members also disseminate information to their networks and contacts.
  • Core members are representative of all key stakeholders. Membership is restricted to keep the group to a manageable size whilst ensuring key stakeholders from across the UK are engaged with the group.
  • Core members who are unable to attend meetings are expected to nominate an appropriate deputy to attend on their behalf, where possible (the deputy will revert to associate membership after the meeting).
  • A completed application form is required and this will include submission of a completed Challenging Behavior Charter demonstrating commitment to the Charter's rights and values. 

To see a full list of core members, click here.

Please note that due to a large number of applications from provider organisations a review of all provider members was carried out following which all providers were given the opportunity to apply for a place. Details of this were circulated to our networks and placed on our website. The current three providers were selected at the steering group meeting in October 2018 and have a two-year fixed term core CB-NSG membership. Organisations that are not service providers, and individuals e.g. family carers, are welcome to apply at any time. Applications for provider membership will be open in Autumn 2020.


Application process for new core members

1. Any person nominated by a core CB-NSG member or any person who nominates themselves to join as a core member will be asked to complete a membership application form. Click here for a Professional Application Form and here for a Family Carer Application Form.

2. The form should be returned to:


Post: Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group (CB-NSG), Challenging Behaviour Foundation, The Old Courthouse, New Road Avenue, Chatham, Kent, ME4 6BE.

3. Once an application has been received it will be held by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation until the next steering group meeting. 

4. The Steering Group will review the application and current CB-NSG membership. They may also contact other members of the National Strategy Group who share a similar background in order to reach a decision.

5. The applicant will be informed of the decision as soon as possible after the meeting.

6. If the application is turned down, the applicant will be offered the opportunity to be an associate member and be provided with contact details of a core member who shares their area of expertise.

7. The steering group reserves the right to invite people, including existing associate members, who they feel will fill gaps in experience or expertise which will benefit the National Strategy Group.

8. The membership process will be reviewed as necessary.


Download the Family Carer core membership application form

Dowload the Professional core membership application form

Download "how the CB-NSG makes decisions"

Download the CB-NSG Charter

Download the Easy read charter 

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