Supporting Families

Here you can see the actions being taken by CB-NSG members and other individuals around supporting family carers of children, young people and adults with a learning disability.

What actions are being taken? 

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This is a ‘living document’, capturing what is currently being done, and/or actions that are planned – it will be updated as and when progress is made and as more actions are taken. It brings together a range of activities and work being carried out by various individuals and organisations and aims to co-ordinate and amplify the impact. If you think that something you are doing aligns with the themes of the action plan and you’d like to consider including it as one of these actions, please get in touch.



Supporting the development of strong, positive relationships between family carers and support workers 


    • Focus groups for family carers and support workers to understand what they would like out of a support worker-family relationship, and how they think this can be achieved, have been held by the CBF and Paradigm 
    • A resource that provides practical advice to both families and support workers on building strong and positive relationships to better support each other and the person with a learning disability has been drafted and is in review stage 

Next steps: 

    • Finalise and publish resource 



Supporting CQC to better engage with families, both during inspections and outside of them 

Families shared that they are concerned about how CQC engages with them, listens to, and responds to their concerns about the support that their relatives receive. 

Next steps: 

    • Write to CQC to ask what actions they are taking to better engage with families and set out how they engage with families during and outside of the inspection process 
    • Work with family carers to understand how they would like CQC to engage with them, and share this with CQC 


For more information on these actions, including if you are interested in being involved in any of them, please email