Members of the CB-NSG have worked together to develop a charter to set out a shared vision and action required to deliver it. 

Easy Read CharterTCharterhe label challenging behaviour, has become misused over time. Rather than being used as a term to encourage carers and professionals to understand the underlying reasons for a person's behaviour, 'challenging behaviour' has been used as a diagnostic label, viewed as being intrinsic to the person.

We know that much better support and services could be provided for children and adults who are perceived as challenging. This charter sets out the rights of these individuals and the action that needs to be taken.

By becoming a core or associate member of the CB-NSG and signing up to this charter you endorse the rights of these individuals and commit to working in partnership with the National Strategy Group to influence real change.

The charter is a living document and we are happy to receive comments and views. Please contact

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