'A Need, not a Want': A Co-Produced Resource about Engaging with Families

This co-produced resource comprising of a short film and reflective checklist, highlights the benefits of engaging with families who have relatives with learning disabilities. The resource sets out ideas and suggestions on how services can engage with families, including ways to share information with them, and how families can influence and shape local support and services.

Reflective Checklist


As a part of Getting It Right, the Challenging Behaviour Foundation worked with family carers and professionals to improve support and services for children and adults with severe learning disabilities and their families in the Black Country. The project identified the need to find ways to improve engagement with these families and to understand the barriers they may face in accessing local services and getting their voices heard.

This resource commissioned by Black Country Healthcare NHS Trust builds on that work. The resource identifies key principles and top tips from family carers to support positive engagement and co-production between professionals and families.

Year 2 – Black Country – Challenging Behaviour Foundation


To help us to understand the impact of ‘A Need, not a Want’ film resource, please take a moment to let us know what you will take away from watching (or reading) it.


*The current version of the film does not include subtitles. They will be added in soon.