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Who should attend CBF workshops?

CBF workshops are designed for family carers or professionals/support staff caring for children or adults who have severe learning disabilities. The workshops are also suitable for those caring for children or adults with severe learning disabilities and autism, but would not be relevant for those caring for someone with Aspergers/Autism who has good communication skills.

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Note: The CBF workshops aim for a holistic partnership approach to behaviour support, so for the maximum impact we recommend that everyone involved in providing care to a specific child or adult attend the workshops – i.e. family carers, support staff, teachers, teaching assistants and learning support staff, health workers, short break staff, etc. Please contact the CBF to discuss.

How many people can attend a workshop?

Ideally 15 – 25 people for each workshop (maximum 40).

Note: for organisations offering workshops to both staff and families, please bear in mind that the maximum number of participants for the joint workshop (Supporting Behaviour Change for families and professionals together) is 40, therefore a maximum of 20 family carers and 20 professionals should be invited to attend.

How long does each workshop last?

Understanding Challenging Behaviour: 4 hours including breaks

Supporting Behaviour Change: 4.5 hours including breaks

Communication and Behaviour: 4 hours including breaks

For workshops with family carers we recommend 10.00/10.30 am to 2.30 pm with a break for lunch.

A workshop for professionals only could be run in the morning or the afternoon without a lunchbreak: this would take 3.5/4 hours.

How much do the workshops cost?

Each workshop costs £1500 which includes two trainers, trainer travel and accommodation, course materials and certificates.  For 30 participants this works out at just £50 per person for each workshop.

Reduced rates available for booking multiple workshops - please contact us for details.

If we want to book a workshop what do we need to provide?

You will need to be able to invite all of the participants and liaise with them before and after the workshop. You will also need to provide a suitable room with tables and chairs for up to 40 participants with suitable access. We also ask you to provide refreshments and ideally also lunch or you could ask your participants to bring their own with them. A screen and projector, flip chart and pens will also be needed.

I care for someone with autism whose behaviour is challenging – can I attend?

The workshops have been developed for family carers and professionals caring for individuals with autism where they also have a diagnosis of moderate or severe learning disabilities. If you are supporting someone with Aspergers or autism and mild learning disabilities you will not find the workshops relevant to your needs.

I’ve already attended training in challenging behaviour before. Can I attend the Supporting Behaviour Change workshop only?

It is important that all participants attend both Understanding Challenging Behaviour and Supporting Behaviour Change, as they are a set.

The activities continue from the first workshop to the second and by attending both everyone will be able to use the same language and work from the same starting point.

Why is there a gap between the two workshops?

We recommend allowing approximately one month between Understanding Challenging Behaviour and Supporting Behaviour Change to allow participants opportunity to practice recording episodes of challenging behaviour and identifying possible reasons for the behaviour, prior to developing positive behaviour support strategies when they come back together.

Can other family members attend the workshops?

Yes, we welcome mums and dads, grandparents, older siblings - anyone who is involved in the day to day life of the person with behaviour described as challenging.

Can I bring my child to the workshop?

The workshops are not suitable for children to attend.

How do I get workshops in my local area?

You could ask your school, carers group, local authority, Parent Partnership Service or other organisation to host the workshops. 

If the person you support receives direct payments you might be able to find other people with direct payments and together you could discuss the need to host workshops with the local authority or NHS commissioner.

Organisations wishing to host CBF workshops should download, complete and email back the ‘expression of interest’ form (doc 215 KB) to

Can I become a trainer for the CBF?

Yes! We are currently recruiting new CBF Co-trainers around the country in 2018. We are looking for both PBS professionals and family carers of people with severe learning disabilities.

See our CBF Co-trainers page and the vacancies page for more information

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