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The CBF gives workshops in: ‘Understanding Challenging Behaviour’, ‘Supporting Behaviour Change’, ‘Positive Behaviour Support Awareness’, ‘Pica Awareness’ and ‘Communication and Challenging Behaviour’. Find out more.

Our workshops

  • Understanding Challenging Behaviour (UCB)
  • Supporting Behaviour Change (SBC)
  • Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) – UCB and SBC combined (with intensive workshop option)
  • PBS Awareness
  • Pica Awareness
  • Communication and Challenging Behaviour

Understanding Challenging Behaviour (UCB) – content

Note: UCB and SBC form a two-part workshop set about PBS.

UCB includes:

  • What is challenging behaviour
  • The impact of challenging behaviour
  • Reasons for behaviour
  • Context and environment
  • Purposes (functions) of behaviour
  • Reinforcement
  • Setting events and triggers
  • Sensory differences
  • ABC recording
  • A story of success
  • How to look after yourself

To discuss further, contact us (see the bottom of this page).

Supporting Behaviour Change (SBC) – content

Note: UCB and SBC form a two-part workshop set about PBS.

SBC includes:

  • Why do people challenge (recap)
  • Reasons and purpose (recap)
  • Arousal curve
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Proactive and reactive strategies
  • How to prevent challenging behaviour
  • How to stop behaviour escalating
  • How to respond to an incident
  • What to do after an incident
  • Individual planning and behaviour support plans
  • Working in partnership

To discuss further, contact us (see the bottom of this page).

Excellent training. Although the experience was intensive (and I felt emotionally tired afterwards) it is rare that I have attended training sessions that have managed to fully hold my attention for the entire duration. I learnt a lot.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

UCB and SBC form a two-part workshop set about PBS. The workshops are suitable for both professionals and family carers. The length of the workshop is 4.5 hours, with SBC being held approximately one month after UCB.

The workshops facilitate partnership working, to enable staff and families to work together to identify appropriate individualised behaviour support strategies that can be used consistently in all settings.

This diagram of the workshops format shows how our working in partnership model works:

What I like best about the workshop is working alongside parents, having the time to reflect on challenging behaviour, to step back from a situation and reflect on it, and then plan together. Speech and Language Therapist


What’s had the greatest impact is working as a team. We all know that we are all doing the same thing and consistency has had a huge impact. Family carer


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) one day intensive workshop – UCB and SCB combined

This course is 7 hours long and is suitable for professionals and paid staff only. The content is a combination of the UCB and SCB courses above and is delivered if organisations are unable to release staff for more than one day.

The workshop will include:

  • What is challenging behaviour
  • Context and environment
  • Setting events and triggers
  • Purposes (functions) of behaviour
  • A story of success
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Proactive and reactive strategies
  • How to prevent challenging behaviour
  • How to respond to an incident
  • Individual planning and behaviour support plans
  • Working in partnership

To discuss further, contact us (see the bottom of this page).

PBS Awareness Workshop

A half day (4.5 hour) Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Awareness workshop is offered to professionals who will benefit from understanding the principles and importance of PBS but will not be applying it directly in their work.

The workshop will include:

  • Definitions of severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour
  • Positive approaches to behaviour
  • Being person centred
  • Behaviour as communication
  • Applying learning to own work

We are able to discuss tailoring this workshop to meet the needs of the group attending. To discuss further, contact us (see the bottom of this page).

The theory and practical balance were excellent. Teacher

Pica Awareness Workshop

The CBF’s Pica Awareness workshop is specifically designed for professionals/support staff supporting children, young people or adults who have severe learning disabilities and display Pica behaviour (eating inedible objects) and/or polydipsia (drinking fluids).

The Pica Awareness workshop will be delivered to support staff who will benefit from understanding the risks to the individual, the importance of understanding the behaviour characteristics and the need for vigilance. It is suitable for those staff who will be directly or occasionally supporting someone who may display this behaviour characteristic.  We shall discuss the particular behaviour of the person/persons you support prior to delivery of the workshop in order that we can tailor it to your specific requirements.

The Pica Awareness workshop is 4.5 hours long and can accommodate up to 20 attendees in a physical environment, or 12 attendees in a virtual setting.

The workshop will ensure that you have a good, practical, introduction and understanding of Pica behaviour and how to support people to keep them safe.

Find out more about Pica and Polydipsia

Communication and Challenging Behaviour


This practical 4.5 hour workshop is an introduction to the links between communication and behaviour. Aimed at anyone who wants to understand how to improve communication with individuals with severe learning disabilities – in turn improving their quality of life, choice and behaviour.

This workshop includes:

  • What is communication and why it is important
  • What makes communication difficult
  • The relationship between communication and challenging behaviour
  • Alternative approaches to communication (inc. pictures, signing, intensive interaction, digital communication aids)
  • Communication passports

What is PBS?

PBS is an evidence-based approach to supporting people whose behaviour is described as challenging. It is a multi-element approach to understanding an individual’s behaviour and developing personalised support arrangements that, while intended to reduce challenging behaviour, have a primary focus on improving quality of life for them and their support network.

Find out more about PBS

General information about our workshops

You can have our workshops online, at your organisation, workplace or support group:

  • run flexibly to suit you;
  • for staff and families together, or independently;
  • delivered by a Positive Behaviour Support trainer and family carer co-trainer.

I really liked the close interaction between the two co-trainers, but there were also lots of opportunities for other participants to contribute too. The attendees with lived experience added their own stories, which was enlightening for the other attendees and the co-trainers too – Charity worker

The workshops give participants:

  • A fundamental understanding of severe learning disability and behaviour described as challenging;
  • A foundation in functional assessment;
  • An overview and introduction into proactive/reactive strategies and behaviour support plans;
  • Tools for recording behaviour and understanding the person and their behaviour; and
  • Skills to develop strategies in partnership to reduce challenging behaviour and improve quality of life.


The approach is person-centred, non-aversive and reflects families’ and professionals’ perspectives.

The style is interactive and informal – participation is encouraged through discussions and activities in small/whole groups.


CBF workshops are co-produced and delivered by Family Carer Trainers and Positive Behaviour Support Trainers. This ensures training is supported by evidence- based theory and practice in a way that is accessible for everyone.

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The benefits

The benefits

Positive feedback about our workshops tells us that they really benefit families and professionals, and formal evaluations have confirmed improvements in behaviour as well as in workshop attendees’ confidence and ability to respond to challenging behaviour.



Read our list of Frequently Asked Questions about who the workshops are for, on-line opportunities, duration and scheduling, how to book, and more. See also our list of useful resources.