About the CBF's Co-trainers

The CBF has a team of Co-trainers around the country, made up of Positive Behaviour Support professionals and family carers of people with severe learning disabilities.

The Co-trainers deliver our PBS Workshops in partnership; the PBS Co-trainer providing the theory and professional experience and the Family Carer Co-trainer bringing their personal expertise of their family member's needs.

CBF Co-trainers describe their role and why they do it:

“I became a trainer because I wanted to make a difference to other vulnerable people and their carers. I've had hands on experience and have gone through the transition of child to adult health and social care services, which I know is a nightmare to weave through.

Delivering workshops gives me an opportunity to talk about my daughter to other people who are genuinely interested and understand what I have been through. Mindy had a tough journey, and who knows where she could have ended up, but by doing these workshops and then delivering them myself as a trainer, I have made so much progress with Mindy over the last 8 years that she is having a great time now. I want to be able to inspire other carers.

All the people who have attended these workshops have always given positive feedback and are very pleased that a family carer is also delivering the workshop, as it makes it so real for the family carers. The trainees always catch up with me during their breaks and want to talk about their sons/daughters who have similar behaviours to Mindy.”

– Balwinder, a Family Carer Co-trainer


“I have worked as a professional with children young people and their families since 1979. I think I became a better professional when I became a parent. I began to understand why parents found some of the apparent little things difficult.

Over the years I have worked with families who have done their best to give their children a fighting chance in life. Often the support had not been there or it was not the right support, or was right but not at the right time.

CBF workshops give parents support, information and knowledge to help improve lives of their children. My only regret is that this was not around until recently.

I always leave the workshops knowing that something has got and will get better. Although I know that the participants love the parent input into the training more than mine!

I still do it because we model partnership working not only between the parent trainer and me but also between the parents at the workshops.  I do it because it makes a difference and it works!”

– Martin, a PBS Co-trainer



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