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Please note the newsletter is currently sent by email only (since Autumn 2017). If you previously received a paper copy and would like to receive an email copy, please send us your email address using the link above.

To view back copies of 'Challenge' click on the links below:

Winter 2020: Your rights during difficult times

Summer/Autumn 2020: Covid-19 Resources

Spring/Summer 2020: Suppport during this pandemic

Winter 2019: Resilience 

Spring 2019: Transforming Care

Summer 2018: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Winter 2017: Active Listening in Action

Autumn 2017: People and Places

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Spring 2017: Checking Up on Health

Click here to read using issuu.

Winter 2016: Looking to the Future

Click here to read using issuu. 

Summer 2016: Prevention and Positive Steps

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Spring 2016: Care Act-ion!

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Winter 2015: Speaking Out

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Summer 2015: The Path to Better Outcomes

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Spring 2015: Driving Change - Rights & Choices

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Winter 2014: Communication

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Summer 2014: Right from the Start.

This edition is also available to read online on issuu.

Spring 2014: Circles of Support

You can read more about setting up a Circle of Support here, and see a longer version of Pete's article about Enduring Circles of Support and Helen's article about facilitating a circle by clicking on the links.

Winter 2013: Facing Challenges Together

Summer 2013: Accepting the Challenge

Spring 2013: Everywhere, for Everyone

Winter 2012: A stitch in time

Summer 2012: Hearing but not listening

Spring 2012: Well? (Healthcare)

Winter 2011: Out of sight, out of mind (Mental health)

Summer 2011: Partners or Opponents (The importance of partnership working)

Spring 2011: False Economy (The impact of the Government spending review)

Winter 2010: Right Support, Right Place (Housing)

Summer 2010: All Change (Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group)

Spring 2010: We all need champions (Advocacy)

Winter 2009: Breaking News (Short breaks for individuals with severe learning disabilities)

Winter 2009 special report: Getting a break (Survey of families experiences of short break services)

Summer 2009: Education matters (Education for children and young people with severe learning disabilities)

Spring 2009: Making it happen (Valuing People Now)

Winter 2008: The Stress Factor (Coping strategies for carers)

Summer 2008: Finding the Cure (The use of antipsychotic medication in the treatment of challenging behaviour)

Spring 2008: Location, Location (Local services and support)

Winter 2007: Choices, Choices (The new Mental Capacity Act)

Summer 2007: No laughing matter (Heath and challenging behaviour)

Spring 2007: How it all began (Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation)

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