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James at the Farm

Our son James, who has a severe learning disability and autism, left residential special school with no properly constituted assessments or informed advice from social services. As a consequence, he was placed in inappropriate care provision. Inevitably his needs were not understood and he suffered twenty years in environments that he often found oppressive and frightening. All the placements failed and all featured varying degrees of neglect and abuse. He began to display progressively increasing amounts of destructive and violent challenging behaviour. As parents, we were given no information. We didn’t understand why he was behaving like this.

Through some good fortune in 2007, we came across the Challenging Behaviour Foundation who made everything so much clearer and helped us through a very difficult time. They provided us free of charge with written resources and DVDs. We were able to speak to members of the CBF team whenever we needed support. That support enabled us to identify how our son’s needs would be best met and how to navigate our way through the system in order to achieve the right support for James.

We would not have achieved the right outcome for our son without the guidance and proactive support we had from the CBF. It is no exaggeration to say his life has been transformed as a result of having him in the right environment. It seems to us that the CBF is unique in that it not only provides information about appropriate care and best practise, but also actively supports families by listening and providing emotional support, either directly or by putting individuals in touch with other families, to find the right solutions for their sons and daughters.


David and Jill Jack, family carers to James

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