Department of Health publish interim report

The Department of Health (DH) has published an interim report following the Panorama programme. The full report will be published after criminal proceedings and have been completed. The report is based on the CQC’s inspection reports as well as information provided by people with learning disabilities, people with autism, family carers and various professionals and organisations.

Although unable to cover what happened at Winterbourne View, the report highlights the fact that the health and care system isn’t meeting the needs of people with learning disability or autism and behaviour which challenges.

The report focusses on several initial findings from the review:


  • There are too many people with learning disabilities and behaviour perceived as challenging in assessment and treatment units and they are staying there for too long.
  • This model of care has no place in the 21st century. People should have access to the support and services they need locally
  • In too many services there is evidence of a poor quality of care, poor care planning, a lack of meaningful activities and an over-reliance on restraining people.
  • The whole system has a role in improving standards of care and demonstrating zero tolerance of abuse.

The report identifies 14 actions at a national level to drive good practice at a local level with the aim of more people being supported to live at home and far fewer people being sent away to hospitals.

A final report will be published when criminal proceedings have concluded and the Department of Health have committed to publish a report one year later to make sure that progress has been made.

To the read the full interim report click here 

Paul Burstow, Minister of State, Department of Health has released a written statement to update the House of Commons. Click here to view the full ministerial statement.

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