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The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is currently training new trainers to deliver its unique challenging behaviour training where an expert in positive behavioural support is teamed up with a family carer co-trainer. Together they train professionals and families with a positive behaviour support plan as the outcome, as well as improved communication between participants. Formal academic evaluation has shown the training leads to a reduction in challenging behaviour (frequency and severity) as well as in the anger and depression experienced by parents and fear and anxiety experienced by paid workers.

Before they can deliver training, CBF’s trainers-in-training study the CBF’s approach and are then selected to be trained as trainers. The final step of their training is to deliver at least one practice workshop before training on behalf of the CBF. Practice workshops are delivered by one experienced trainer and one trainer-in-training. It could be either the PBS expert or the family carer co-trainer who is in training. The session is supported (in person) by a member of CBF who is ready to step in if there is any need for that. However, people have come through quite a deal of selection to get to this point.

As we have quite a few trainees needing to deliver their first training at present, we are only asking for a contribution of £250 per workshop towards the direct costs of trainer fees, travel and accommodation - £500 in all for the two workshops. The usual cost of one workshop is £950.

The practice workshops are for up to 40 people who support, educate or care for 6-12 adults or children with behaviour described as challenging and severe learning disabilities (or moderate learning disabilities and autism). Anything less than six people to talk about and the workshops can be a bit too intense!

We are currently looking to hold workshops in the following areas:

-          Lancashire

-          Cheshire

-          Derbyshire

-          Nottinghamshire

-          West Midlands

-          Hertfordshire

-          London

-          Kent

If you would be interested in hosting a practice workshop, please can you contact  

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