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CBF's Positive Behaviour Support workshops can

  • reduce the frequency, severity and impact of challenging behaviour
  • promote partnership working between family carers, support staff and education, health and social care professionals
  • have a lasting impact on the lives of children and adults with severe learning disabilities

The CBF workshops are:a flipchart from a workshop

Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Supporting Behaviour Change

Communication and Behaviour


Workshops can be booked just for parents or just for professionals, or for groups of family carers and professionals together.


Unique features of our workshops:

Person-centred – each participant focuses on the person they support, to find out the reasons for their behaviour and develop support strategies for them.

Practical and interactive - participants take part in discussions and activities in small or whole groups. We don’t use a lot of jargon, but do explain the terms that will help people to discuss behaviour with others.

Teaches skills not answers – participants gain knowledge in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and learn how to analyse behaviour, understand why it happens and plan strategies to support the person to reduce the behaviour. They leave with tha flipchart from a workshope basis of a PBS plan for the person they support.

Family perspective – workshops are run by a specialist Positive Behaviour Support trainer and family carer trainer working together. The family carer shares personal experiences about their son or daughter with learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging, to relate the ‘theory’ to real life.


Cost of workshops

1 workshop = £1500

2 workshops = £2750

3 workshops = £4000

4 workshops = £5000

As Understanding Challenging Behaviour and Supporting Behaviour Change form a 2 part set, it is necessary to book both workshops as follows:

Family carers only = 2 workshops = £2750*

Professionals only = 2 workshops = £2750

Family carers + professionals = 3 workshops = £4000*

Communication and Behaviour can be booked as a standalone workshop or together with the other workshops for a discount.

*Bursaries or help with applying for funding may be available for family carer workshops - please enquire with the CBF.


See our Workshops FAQs for more information on arranging a workshop


Positive Behaviour Support Study Pack for schools and colleges

For schoolPBS Study Pack pictures and colleges who have students with severe learning disabilties, we offer our PBS Study Pack free with the workshops. This unique learning resource mirrors the content of the workshops and can be used for indepdent study or small group work to refresh staff knowledge or as a tool for any staff unable to attend the workshops.

Any schools and colleges not booking workshops can buy the PBS Study Pack for £45 from our Buy Resources page.



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