Family carer workshops and tribute film in memory of Jan Seamer

To remember and acknowledge Jan’s work and commitment we are offering Challenging Behaviour Workshops for family carers.

Jan was a much loved and well-respected  friend, colleague, and advocate of the CBF. As a family carer and supporter of her son who has severe learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging, Jan has been involved in the work of the CBF since the very early days of the charity. Jan was instrumental in the development of our behaviour workshop materials, ensuring they gave practical information to families based on lived experience. Jan co-delivered the workshops for many years and helped train and support many of the current co-trainers, both family carers and professionals. Jan features in our ‘Introduction to Challenging Behaviour’ video and was a founding member of the Challenging Behaviour National Strategy Group amongst many other achievements. 

Following the sad loss of Jan Seamer we have put together a video in her memory. 

To remember and acknowledge Jan’s work and commitment, we will be using the donations that we have received in her memory, to fund annual behaviour workshops for families, in her name. We know that families’ access training at no cost is difficult to source, and it was something Jan felt strongly about.

Find out more about these FREE Challenging Behaviour Workshops in the flyer below. 

View FREE Challenging Behaviour Workshops flyer

Dates TBC. If you are a family carer and would like to attend these workshops, please email us stating your interest and we will add you to our Free Workshop mailing list so you will be first to know the workshop dates.