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A breakthrough for a father and a son with challenging behaviour by going on the London Eye.

Rainy days

When my son was small, I could only take him to playgrounds in the rain as I knew they would be empty. 

Shopping was a nightmare and going to different places was out of the question. My son’s challenging behaviour shaped everything that we did. For years we went to the same places following the same routines. We could not even walk down the other side of the road for my fear of him self-injuring. 

But over time, little by little, I would change our routines. And over time my persistence has paid off. Now we both enjoy our newfound freedom of doing new things and experiencing new places, giving us both confidence. 

The breakthrough

Our first breakthrough was going on the London Eye. We had walked past it for years but as my son’s preferred medium for head banging is glass, being encased in a pod dangling over London with no means of escape seemed an impossibility. But one rainy day as we walked past it was empty. I took my courage in my hands and bought 2 tickets and on we went. He absolutely loved it! 

From that day we have not looked back. Our relationship has strengthened as he trusts me, and I have more faith in him. We have both gained a much better quality of life. 

Gone are the days of empty parks in the rain. He is still not keen on shopping (but then again he is a man!). But taking that risk opened up our world. 

Family Carer. 

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