Positive Behaviour Support Study Pack

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(Not available outside UK) The CBF has produced a new study pack to help school and college staff to reduce challenging behaviour in their students.

Positive Behaviour Support Study Pack

The pack is based on our successful Positive Behaviour Support workshops, which facilitate cooperation between families and support staff.  The pack is designed to reduce challenging behaviour by showing staff how to develop a positive behaviour support plan for each child or young person. The pack also encourages cooperation between teachers and families, and it seeks to increase the confidence of teaching staff in responding to challenging behaviour.

“The pack is well presented and the video clips are relevant and of interesting content.” – SEN teacher

“The study pack was very clear and easy to use.” – Specialist Teacher for Positive Behaviour Support

“It is excellent to have this type of resource” – Headteacher

Contents include:

1. What is challenging behaviour?

2. Reasons and purposes for challenging behaviour

3. Reinforcement of behaviour

4. Setting events and anxiety: the arousal curve

5. Recording behaviour to understand it better

6. Identifying reasons and purposes

7. Positive Behaviour Support strategies

8. Teaching new skills

9. Working in partnership to support behaviour change

10. Where to get information and support

Appendix 1: Example behaviour support plan

Appendix 2: Jargon Dictionary

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