A Guide for Advocates (England and Wales)

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A very practical tool for both professional advocates and family carers advocating on behalf of their family member

A Guide for Advocates (England and Wales)

This Resource is Free to family/ unpaid carers in the UK. To order for free, please download a resource order form or contact us.

“An exceptionally useful resource bringing together a wide range of important information in a very clear way...”

“The CBF has done an excellent job in compressing the relevant information into such an accessible document….”

“first class, easy to read, and – I think – essential not only for advocates but for family/ carers/ staff …. ”

“I hope all advocates of people with challenging behaviour get hold of a copy, not just the paid ones”

Contents include:

Section 1: Start with the Person

Section 2: What is Challenging Behaviour?

Section 3: Understanding Challenging Behaviour

Section 4: Supporting Behaviour Change

Section 5: What are the Issues?

  • Medication
  • Restraint: direct physical contact (physical intervention)
  • Restraint: Barriers and seclusion
  • Restraint: materials or equipment
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding
  • Mental Health
  • Sectioning under the Mental Health Act
  • Alleged Offending
  • Safeguarding

Section 6: Services and Support

Section 7: A Suggested Approach

Section 8: Checklist

Section 9: Case Studies

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