Positive Behavioural Support – An Information Pack for Family Carers

This pack of resources aims to provide information about Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). It explains what it is; what it looks like in practice; provides questions to ask to check that PBS is being delivered well in the setting you are looking at and guidance on how family carers can find out more including advice on training.


You can Download the resource here. 






What is Positive Behavioural Support?

If you've never heard of PBS before, this is the place to start. This resource will help you understand what PBS is and offers links to other sources of information to develop your knowledge. 


What should Positive Behavioural Support look like?

This resource will help you learn more about PBS and what you might see in a PBS service/school. You might be about to visit a service or school that you are considering using for your relative. You could be thinking about the service/school that currently provides support. Or you might be preparing for a home visit from a professional and you want to check that he or she has a good understanding of Positive Behavioural Support. The resource will tell you what people should be doing to support your relative and things you can ask to have a look at. For example, a behaviour support plan.    


Questions to check that Positive Behavioural Support is being used well

This will provide you with some questions to ask of a professional or service about the quality of PBS being offered. This might be helpful if you are choosing a provider or as a way of preparing for an assessment of your relatives’ needs.       


Family Carers using Positive Behavioural Support

If you want to find out more about PBS for your relative, including guidance about further training for yourself, this resource can help you. 


Practical tools to help you

Making a behavioural support plan is a crucial step in delivering effective Positive Behavioural Support. In this resource you will find a range of examples and templates to help you use and understand PBS. 


These resources are available to download from this page, and in a hard-copy information pack (free for family carers). To order a copy please email or call 01634 838739.

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