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We have collated some useful resources from organisations to help as we continue living with COVID-19 in our communities.

We will continue to look out for up-to-date resources relevant to families of children and adults with severe learning disabilities as we transition towards living with COVID-19.

Find COVID-19 guidance below on:

  1. Preventing the Spread
  2. Accessing healthcare for COVID-19
  3. Vaccines
  4. Isolating

Preventing the spread

Click on the titles below to view information on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and handwashing songs for families.

Books Beyond Words have created an evolving resource explaining the Coronavirus in an easy read format.

Sign along with us - Wash hands - makaton Jade and Christian Kilduff. Watch the YouTube video.

Watch the YouTube video by Neil Diamond: “Hands.. washing hands”

Watch the YouTube video: Handwashing - Gangnam Style!!

Accessing healthcare for COVID-19

Click on the titles below to view information on accessing healthcare for COVID-19.

Coronavirus resources for children and families – from Sheffield Children’s NHS. Note: Play the video on mute, music can be distractive

Covid-19 Grab and Go Guide: Information about somebody if they have a learning disability or are autistic. This should be read in conjunction with ‘my hospital passport’ which is provided on the CBF’s COVID-19 resources page.

See also the guidance notes to accompany the form.


Click on the titles below to view information on vaccinations for COVID-19.

COVID-19 information include vaccine guidance, with easy-read resources.


Click on the titles below to view information on isolating.

Resources to support families / carers of people with learning disabilities through the COVID-19 restrictions.

Help people with learning disabilities to stay active and create structure during lockdown and beyond with free Active Support resources.

Coronavirus and wellbeing resource with coping tips including ways to support yourself during winter.

Help sheet produced in response to hearing concerns about blanket bans that prevent people keeping in contact with their friends and families: Keeping in Touch in Difficult Times.

More on COVID-19

Our resources

Our resources

These pages contain our own information sheets on challenging behaviour during the pandemic, as well as information on health and hygiene, visiting relatives, education and school, activities to do at home, FAQs about the law, templates and much more.

National guidance

National guidance

The Government and NHS England have published a range of COVID-19 guidance. We list on this page the guidance most relevant to families of children and adults with severe learning disabilities.



Our resources give information about health care, answering your questions on topics such as medication, mental health, consenting to treatment, reasonable adjustments and dental treatment.