New advocacy resource – supporting organisations

New information sheet: Organisations that offer support to family carers to advocate for their relatives with learning disabilities living in the community or in inpatient units.

Advocacy resources

The CBF have been feeding into the NHSE review of advocacy for people with learning disabilities and/or who are autistic, who are or have been inpatients in mental health services.

As part of this work the NHSE funded the CBF to put together a resource listing organisations that support family carers in their role advocating for their relatives. The resource is available below:

Advocacy resource – supporting organisations

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Rights and the Law

Rights and the Law

Our factsheets, FAQS and templates give valuable information about you and your family members’ legal rights.

Family Support Service

Family Support Service

The Family Support Service can provide information and support about the needs of your family member with a severe learning disability. Our support is confidential, and we won’t judge you or tell you what to do.