BBC reports on Hesley Group care home investigation

The BBC has reported on safeguarding issues in Hesley Group services for children and adults with learning disabilities.

Yesterday (13th April 2023) the BBC reported that a 2010 investigation into a Hesley Group care home for vulnerable adults found 99 cases of abuse. The BBC describes that a confidential report reveals systemic abuse and safeguarding failingsincluding failures to refer staff to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) after reports of abuse. The report suggests that despite concerns being raised, learning and changes to practice have not taken place. This must change. 

Individuals and families have been impacted and harmed by this systemic failure and our thoughts are with them. We need assurance they are now safe and receiving the quality care and support they have a right to expect. 

This recent coverage comes after reports of abuse and neglect of children with disabilities in Hesley Group homes between 2018 and 2021. These  settings  are the focus of a national safeguarding practice review, phase 1 of which has been published and phase two is expected in late spring.  

Phase 1 of the national safeguarding review into Hesley Group children’s homes  is  here, and CBF’s statement on the review here.  

The issues highlighted will no doubt be distressing and worrying for families and individuals – please see our resources for information and sources of support. 


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