When Things Go Wrong

The information on this page will help you understand what is meant by poor support and abuse, and who to talk to if you suspect your relative is coming to harm or not being cared for properly.


Meeting the Challenge 5: Poor care and abuse

One of the 'Meeting the Challenge' guides produced by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, alongside Mencap and Respond. This factsheet provides information to help you understand what is meant by abuse and poor care / support. It also provides information about who to talk to if you suspect that your family member is experiencing either or both of these things and needs safeguarding.


Meeting the Challenge 3: What if it is getting difficult to support my family member at home or in their current service?

One of the 'Meeting the Challenge' guides produced by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation, alongside Mencap and Respond. This factsheet will provide you with information about what can happen when it becomes difficult to support a family member at home, or in their current service and they require more specialist assessment and support.



Frequently Asked Questions: When Things Go Wrong

FAQs: Safeguarding

"I am worried about the safety of someone with a learning disability, what should I do?"

- This information answers questions about what to do if you have concerns about the welfare of a person with learning disabilities, and what the safeguarding referral process involves for both children and adults. 


FAQ: Trauma support

"Who can support my daughter to get over a traumatic experience?" 

- This FAQ gives guidance about accessing counselling and other support for someone with a learning disability who has been through trauma or abuse. Family carers may need this support as well as their relatives.


FAQ: How to make a complaint

"I am unhappy about my daughter’s care. What can I do?"

This FAQ provides useful information to family carers seeking for advice on how to raise concerns about their relative's care with professionals or care providers.

FAQ: Legal support

"I think I need legal advice on behalf of my family member who has a learning disability. How do I go about this?"

This FAQ provides helpful pointers to finding accurate information about the law, instructing a solicitor on your family member’s behalf, finding and choosing a solicitor and information on funding legal representation.


Support organisations

Thislist of support organisations is for anyone looking for help or a listening ear around concerns of abuse or poor care for someone they support.


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