Specific Behaviours

The following pages all give information about specific behaviours, including self-injury, pica (eating inedible objects), difficult sexual behaviour, and running off.


Self-Injurious Behaviour

This information sheet is about self-injurious behaviour. Self-injurious behaviour is any behaviour that results in someone causing physical harm to him or herself. 


DVD Self Injurious Behaviour

What causes self-injurious behaviour? What action should parents and carers take? This DVD is free for family/ unpaid carers in the UK. To order for free, download our resource order form or contact us. 


Pica and Polydipsia

This information sheet is about 'Pica' (a term which refers to eating objects which are not suitable to be eaten) and 'Polydipsia' (a terms which refers to drinking excessively).


Difficult Sexual Behaviour Amongst Men and Boys

This information sheet is designed to help family carers understand and respond to any sexual behaviour which may cause difficulties for their son or others involved.


Frequently Asked Questions about Specific Challenging Behaviours

FAQ: Running off

"My relative runs off - from the house and/or when out in the community. I don't know how to stop them doing this in order to keep them safe." 

- this FAQ aims to support families whose relative may run off.  It looks at what the possible causes of this behaviour may be and what strategies you can use to reduce this behaviour occurring and keep your family member safe. 

FAQ: Destructive behaviours (coming soon) 

FAQ: Stripping (coming soon) 

FAQ: Hitting, kicking, biting and pulling hair (coming soon)


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