Housing and Support

The following pages give information about housing and good support.


What Good Support Looks Like

A series of resources that show what good support looks like for people who have a severe learning disability and behaviour that challenges. Includes tools to help families use Positive Behavioural Support and find good support.


When Things Go Wrong

A group of resources that will help you understand what is meant by poor support and abuse, who to talk to/what to do if you suspect your relative is coming to harm or not being cared for properly, and information about legal support.


Transition Planning / Making Changes to Support

A series of resources that can help plan a succesful transition.  Includes information about the transition from childhood to adulthood (information specific for England, Wales and Northern Ireland), and about making plans for when family carers are no longer able to provide a caring role.


Other Helpful Resources about Housing and Support


Specialist Equipment and Safety Adaptations

An information sheet which gives details of specialist equipment and safety adaptations to improve safety and protect your home. 

Getting an Education, Health and Care Plan (age 0-25)

This summary sheet contains guidance for parents and carers on how to request an EHC plan, the processes involved in getting one, and what the new EHC plans should include.

Getting the best support package: 10 Top Tips

An information sheet which provides ten top tips to help you get the right support for your family member aged over 18.

8 Ways to Get a House

This guide is to help you and your relative think about the different types of accommodation and how they are funded.  We explain what your options are in 8 Ways to Get a House.

Planning your House

A detailed guide to help you plan what kind of house your relative will live in, with information from funding to assistive technology.


Early Intervention Project 

"We want to pave the way to an ordinary life for children with extraordinary needs. We believe that understanding the cause of challenging behaviours is the first step on that path."


'Paving the Way' - the website

Paving the Way is a joint project from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and the Council for Disabled Children – working in partnership with families and professionals to share and promote good practice.


'Paving the Way' - the resource 

The Paving the Way resource is a guide to develop effective local services for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge. The guide may be useful for commissioners, professionals, and families, and can be downloaded here.

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