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During the Covid 19 restrictions we are unable to send out our DVD resources. However, we feel that it would be helpful during this difficult time to have practical information about behaviour that challenges. Our DVDs have therefore been published online and are free for anyone to watch. 


There are 4 videos available: 

An Introduction to Challenging Behaviour: 

What is challenging behaviour? Why exactly does it happen? What can be done about it?

Self-Injurious Behaviour: 

What causes self-injurious behaviour? What action should parents and carers take?

Challenging Behaviour and Supporting Behaviour Change: 

 In this 2-part video set meet Oliver, Dougie and Dominic and hear the functional assessment process explained.


An Introduction To Challenging Behaviour


Using interviews with two parent carers, and with specialist input from Peter McGill, this 40 minute video gives a basic introduction to challenging behaviour associated with severe learning disabilities.

Complementing our information sheet 'basic information about challenging behaviour', written by Peter McGill, the video has been produced for parents and carers of individuals with severe learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging, or anyone wanting to understand what it can be like for the families involved.

Running time: 40 mins approx




Self-Injurious Behaviour 


Professors Chris Oliver and Glynis Murphy, the UK's leading authorities on self-injurious behaviour, join forces to offer clear and practical information and advice to families caring for individuals with severe learning disabilities. In this 45 minute video you will also meet Laura and Tobias, learn how their self-injurious behaviour has affected their lives and the lives of their families, and how some simple, straightforward steps can help to reduce self-injurious behaviour.

The video emphasizes understanding the causes and the function of the self injurious behaviour, and addresses issues such as the use of medication and protective devices. Produced primarily for family carers, this resource also provides a useful introduction to any professionals who may encounter self-injurious behaviour in individuals with severe learning disabilities

Please note: contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing

Running time: 45 mins approx


Challenging Behaviour - Supporting Change 


“As soon as Dominic pulled somebody’s hair it meant that he was either removed from the room or a person was removed from the room. So actually what Dominic was getting was an outcome for that hair pulling. He was indicating to us that he was uncomfortable. But he was having to pull hair to achieve that.”

In this 2-part video set meet Oliver, Dougie and Dominic and hear Mark Addison (Psychologist) explain the functional assessment process.  Interviews with family carers highlight the range of causes of challenging behaviour, and how a functional assessment can help put in place appropriate behaviour support strategies for individuals with severe learning disabilities.

Produced primarily for family carers, this resource also provides a useful introduction and refresher for professionals. The families’ stories demonstrate the importance of a functional assessment and provide insight into positive ways to support families.

Running time: Part 1 : 33 minutes
                     Part 2 : 36 minutes


Part 1 


Part 2 


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