Challenging Behaviour: what to do

The following pages give information about what should - and what should not - be done to try to manage and reduce challenging behaviour.


Positive Behaviour Support Planning

Positive Behaviour Support Planning is the third information sheet in a series. It is recommended that it is read alongside ‘‘Understanding Challenging Behaviour: Part 1’’ and “Finding the Causes of Challenging Behaviour: Part 2’’ 


Physical Interventions and other restrictive practices

This information sheet provides information about appropriate and inappropriate use of physical interventions and other restrictive practices. 


The Use of Medication

This information sheet provides information about when medication should and should not be prescribed for individuals with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. 


Specialist Equipment and Safety Adaptations

This resource contains practical information about specialist equipment for children and adults with severe learning disabilities who display behaviour described as challenging. It also lists some information to carefully consider that can help to improve safety and protect the home.


Challenging Behaviour - Supporting Change

Challenging Behaviour - Supporting Change DVD

In this 2-disc DVD set find out how a functional assessment can help you to understand challenging behaviour and identify ways of supporting behaviour change

To read more and view a short clip click here




Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Behaviour Support

"My son is displaying challenging behaviour - who can help us with this?"

- this provides some answers about what local and national behaviour support is available for families.

"I've been told that no-one can help me with my daughter's behaviour, what can I do?"

- what you can do if there is no appropriate support available. This includes a template letter you can use to write to your local Clinical Commissioning Group.


See Positive Behavioural Support - Guides for Family Carers for more information on what to look for and ask to check if PBS is being used in support services.


Early Intervention Project 

"We want to pave the way to an ordinary life for children with extraordinary needs. We believe that understanding the cause of challenging behaviours is the first step on that path."


'Paving the Way' - the website

Paving the Way is a joint project from the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and the Council for Disabled Children – working in partnership with families and professionals to share and promote good practice.


'Paving the Way' - the resource 

The Paving the Way resource is a guide to develop effective local services for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge. The guide may be useful for commissioners, professionals, and families, and can be downloaded here.

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