For Professionals: Developing an Education, Health and Care Plan

The Children and Families Act 2014 and the new 2014 SEN Code of Practice, bring in significant changes to the system supporting children with SEN and disabilities. A key change is the introduction of Education, Health and Care plans (EHC plans) to replace Statements of SEN and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs) from 1 September 2014.




What is the aim of an EHC plan?

The Act requires:

  • EHC plans to reflect the views, interests and aspirations of children, young people, and their parents/carers
  • Co-ordination of the assessment process across education, health and care

Contents of this information sheet

The Early Intervention Project has produced this information sheet for professionals and staff developing EHC plans.  It:

  1. Summarises the legal requirements for EHC plans
  2. Suggests issues to consider for the assessment and planning process
  3. Sets out considerations to explore under each stage of an EHC plan for children with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge
  4. Signposts further information and resources
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