8 Ways to get a House

This guide is to help you and your relative think about the different types of accommodation and how they are funded. We explain the different types of accommodation. To keep the options to a manageable range the guide propses 8 ways to get a house.

The '8 Ways to get a House' resource contains the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Registered care homes
  • Rented social housing
  • Rented private sector housing
  • Social housing from capital programme
  • Home ownership and the use of discretionary trusts
  • Shared ownership
  • Buy to let
  • Remaining in the family home and other family solutions
  • Key points
  • Useful publications
  • Strategies, policy and best practice

This resource is free of charge to family/unpaid carers within the UK. If you wish to order a free copy of '8 ways to get a house'  please contact us directly or see our resource order form

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