52 week residential schools and colleges for children and young adults with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges

The following list of schools and colleges has been compiled by the Challenging Behaviour Foundation. The list is not exhaustive but provides details of the majority of 52 week residential schools and colleges for children and young adults with severe learning difficulties and behaviour described as challenging in the UK. Schools and colleges are listed alphabetically and shown on the map below. There is a Glossary of Terms on page 18.  To obtain a brochure or to request more specific information, please contact the school/college directly.

Please note inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement from the CBF.

Readers are encouraged to carefully research potential schools. Inspection reports are available online from: OFSTED (for England), Education Scotland (for Scotland), or Estyn (for Wales)



52 week schools and colleges included in the list:

1             Acorn Park School

2             Alderwood LLA Ltd

3             Aran Hall School

4             Barton School

5             Broughton House/College

6             Cambian Southwick Park School

7             Daldorch House School

8             East Park School

9             The Forum School

10           Fullerton House School

11           Higford School

12           Hill House School

13           iMap Centre

14           Kinsale School

15           Kisimul School

16           Kisimul School Woodstock

17           Loddon School

18           MacIntyre School, Wingrave

19           Oakhurst Lodge

20           Overley Hall

21           Pegasus School

22           Priors Court School

23           Progress School

24           Purbeck View School

25           Rowden House School

26           RNIB Pears Centre

27           Seashell Trust

28           St Christopher’s School

29           Sunfield

30           VSA Linn Moor Residential

31           Wilsic Hall School


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