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Everybody Matters is the result of an exciting 2015 film project starring Colleen and Shaun, both of whom have learning disabilities and behaviour described as challenging. Shaun and Colleen have experienced poor support and had restricted, unhappy and sometimes unsafe lives in the past. Their stories show that everyone can be supported to live a full and active life in their community. You can watch the trailer below and order your DVD here.


In Everybody Matters, you see Shaun and Colleen enjoying their daily lives in the community. You hear their stories and discover how they are supported to live life to the full. Their families and support workers explain what makes them happy and how their support helps them to thrive. Two leading academics, Tony Osgood and the late Jim Mansell, explain that everyone with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour is described as challenging can be supported to live good lives.

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Messages of Support for Everybody Matters

Everybody Matters

Everybody Matters was the result of a fundraising project. These are some of the messages of support we had running up to its production:

"We lack a clear, interesting and visual account of what good practice in supporting people with challenging behaviour actually is and "Everybody Matters" gives us an opportunity to provide one for everyone to use. United Response is proud to financially support its development" - Bob Tindall, United Response

"The film Everybody Matters has been produced by people who, more often than not, feel they don’t matter- that is individuals with challenging needs and their families.  It is a powerful testimony and MacIntyre is pleased to support both the film and the work of the Challenging Behaviour Foundation." - Bill Mumford, MacIntyre

"We must not return to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to social care. Everyone has the right to choice and control over their lives and with the right balance of intelligence and courage, we can make a real difference to people’s quality of life." - Steve Scown, Chief Executive, Dimensions

“We are privileged and proud to be working with the inspiring people at CBF to see this important film made. Please connect people you know with this cause. Donate. Forward. We need a crowd to fund the film. Be part of a bright future for people with complex learning disabilities and their families.” - Andy Bradley, Founder of Frameworks 4 Change

“The film is committed, evocative and moving”

“Keep the light shining in the dark corners” - Family Carer

“Fantastic idea” - Professional

“Extremely good project. Good Luck” - Family Carer

“From my perspective – a must!” - Learning Disability Consultant

“Excellent way to express the real issues, this will support getting a message across” - Professional

“Let's show that everyone, with the right support, can live a valued life in the community.” - David Towell

“Something needs to be done about the lack of meaningful activity which many people with the most complex needs endure day in day out. The boredom leads to anxiety which in turn leads to challenging behaviour.” - Joan Hunt

“My brother has severe learning disabilites and was in residential care. I'm appalled to think that there are people who abuse these vulnerable individuals. It is important to show how people can be supported to have fulfilled lives.” - Hannah Cooper

"A really powerful film. After watching the Panorama documentary I'm happy to support this project which will help to stop the abuse of people with learning disabilities." - Adam Grant


Thank you to all of our supporters who made the film possible.

We raised over £25000 to make the film and anyone who donated £25 or more will receive a copy of the DVD when it is released. We sought donations from both individuals and organisations and were delighted that United Response, MacIntyre, Dimensions and Milestones Trust all supported the project. everybody matters-supporters' logos


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