Communication and Challenging Behaviour DVD (No longer Available)


This DVD is no longer available. We hope to provide updated video clips in the future.

Communication and Challenging Behaviour DVD (No longer Available)

Four family carers and a speech & language therapist explain the relationship between communication and behaviour 

PLEASE NOTE: Sections of this DVD relating to the use of technology are now out of date.  We are raising money to produce a new DVD/video clips about Communication. If you would like to contribute please visit our Virgin Money Giving Page.

Communication is one of the most important ways in which we control our environment and influence other people. However, many people with learning disabilities may have difficulties with communication, and these difficulties may contribute to challenging behaviour.

In this 45 minute DVD we meet Rhys, Laura, Sean and Isobel to examine the link between communication and behaviour. Interviews with family carers and a speech and language therapist highlight some common communication difficulties, illustrate different communication approaches available and demonstrate the importance of all carers working together.

"We sometimes think that these children are being naughty, when actually it's their only means of communicating.. Until we find a different way they've got no choice really."

Running time: 45 mins (approx)


Understanding the link between communication and behaviour

Avoiding common communication difficulties

  • Eliminate hearing problems
  • Avoid use of negatives
  • Avoid too much information
  • Avoid abstract concepts
  • Be aware of limitations in understanding

The importance of developing communication skills

Different communication methods

  • Different communication methods

Ensuring all carers work together

Concluding messages to families and professionals


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