Due to COVID-19 we are not able to send out any resources at this time. If you are a family carer in need of support then please contact our helpline.

All our information sheets are available to download. If you need specific help relating to the COVID-19 pandemic please see our information here: Guidance for Families.


Covid 19 - Activities And Information About Actions Other Organisations And Groups Are Taking

There is a lot of information currently from different groups working hard during this pandemic. We have collated some activities from these external groups in one place and will continue to update the information.

To see what the CBF are doing check here.


The following list outlines other actions and activities that people are taking, with links to their information: 

  1. The Coronavirus Bill- Schedule 11: Lawyers raise serious concerns about current drafting of the emergency Coronavirus Bill. This sets out some initial ideas to amend Schedule 11 of the bill to avoid a wholesale removal of duties to provide adult social care. See further information here.
  2. Special Needs Jungle: Steve Broach, Public Law Barrister explains the Coronavirus Bill’s implications for disabled children in this video for Special Needs Jungle.
  3. LDE Letter to the Prime Minister: Learning Disability England have written to the Prime Minister and Health and Social Care Secretary telling them why they are worried about the emergency changes, see here.
  4. Dimensions’ Call for Thorough Legislature: Support provider Dimensions set out their concerns about the bill here.
  5. Beating the Virus E-Book: Books Beyond Words have created an evolving resource explaining the Coronavirus in an easy read format.  
  6. Write to your MP Campaign: There is a campaign from Living Life to the Fullest encouraging people to write to their MP about the bill, for more information see here.
  7. JCHR Inquiry: Joint Committee on Human Rights have launched an inquiry into the Government’s response to Covid-19, see here.
  8. The Gr8 Support Movement: Paradigm and Learning Disability England have set up the Gr8 Chat and Brew for members of theGr8 Support Movement. Members can participate in group video calls to keep in touch. See how to get involved here.
  9. Council for disabled children: A Message to the Disabled Children's Sector, Dame Christine Lenehan - Director of the CDC, shares this message.
  10. NNCPF: An update from the Minister for Children and Families Vicky Ford around the COVID-19 outbreak and useful guidance and support, see the open letter here.
  11. NHS: Clinical guide to front line staff to support the management of patients with a learning disability, autism or both during the coronavirus, here
  12. UK Parliament: An inquiry looking at how the outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting all aspects of the education sector and children's social care system, here



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Handwashing - Gangnam Style!! 




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