Mental Health, Medication and Inpatient Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs)

The following pages give information about mental health, the use of medication in the treatment of challenging behaviour, and what to do if your relative is being placed in an Assessment and Treatment Unit.


Mental Health Problems in people with a learning disability

An information sheet about different mental health problems and appropriate treatments. 


The Use of Medication for Challenging Behaviour 

Read this information sheet to understand more about the use of medication and when it is and is not appropriate. 


Inpatient Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs)

This section contains information including:

  • how to prevent admission to an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU)
  • what to do if someone has been admitted to an Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) and how to plan for their successful discharge
  • what to do when things go wrong
  • the Challenging Behaviour Foundation's 'After Winterbourne' campaign to enable people to get the right support in their communities and move out of institutions like Winterbourne View

Trauma Support FAQ

Ideas about support for people with learning disabilities who have experienced trauma such as inappropriate restraint, seclusion or medication, or who have been abused.


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