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The CBF is lucky to work with many family carers who volunteer their own time in order to help us reach more families of people with severe learning disabilities


Some of our volunteers have families who have been helped by the CBF and wanted to give something back...

...others were new to the CBF and were looking for something rewarding to do in their spare time.

“I decided to become a volunteer for the CBF as I could not put a monetary value on the tremendous support that I received from them. Another reason was so that I can support other parents who might be going through what I went through.”

– Balwinder


Most of our volunteers fall into one of these two roles:

Local Champion

Our Local Champions share our information and resources in their local area, by attending events and joining networks.

Find out more about Local Champions here.


Family Link Volunteer

Our Family Link Volunteers are ‘links’ for family carers, offering them a listening ear from someone who understands.

Caring for someone with severe learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges can be very stressful and isolating, so having someone on the end of the phone offering support can make a huge difference.

“Being a parent of a child with Severe Learning Disabilities and behaviour that challenges can be very isolating, the ripple effect is huge. Supporting other families who know you ‘get it’ can make an enormous difference.”

– Jen, Family Link Volunteer


Could you volunteer for the CBF?


Unfortunately, we are not currently recruiting Local Champions or Family Link Volunteers. However, if you are interested in volunteering, you can call 01634 838739 or email in order to receive updates with our latest news.

There are also several other ways you can help us - so please consider them too!



“Volunteers are vital to the work of the CBF; we couldn't achieve the things we do without the support of our volunteers, both in the office and around the country”

Holly, Volunteer Coordinator



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