Other Ways to Volunteer

There are many ways you can help the CBF.

Tell us your story

Tell us your story

Help other families and professionals by sharing your story and letting others know they’re not alone. We’re always looking for new stories for our newsletter, email newsletter and our website.

Have a look at the Your Stories page of our website to see what other families and professionals have written about.

If you’d like to write for us please email Catryn or Will at for more information.


Send us your photos

We always love seeing your family photos and we have them up all over our office. Send your photos to Will at and if you would be happy for your family to be the faces of one of our latest information packs, or to feature on our website we'll get you to fill out one of our permissions forms.


Help us spread the word

introductory brochures

If you don’t have time to become a local champion but would still like to help other families and professionals find the CBF, then we could send you out some of our introductory brochures.

You can take these along to local groups, leave some with your GP or anyone else who would be able to give them out to people.

Get in touch with Jo at to ask for the number of brochures you need and say where you plan to take them (don’t forget to give your address!).


Book a Local Champion

Are you organising an event for family carers? Or maybe you’ve spotted one that’s happening near you? Why not invite one of our Local Champions along? All our Local Champions are family carers caring for someone with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges.

You could book a Local Champion to run an information stand, host a film screening of a CBF film, and share their knowledge about challenging behaviour with other family carers. Email to find out if someone is available to come to your event.


Join the Family Carer Review Panel

We want to make sure our resources are as practical and useful for family carers as possible. We are looking for volunteers from our network to help us review the resources periodically, to make sure this is the case!

This will involve:

  • Giving input to plans for new resources and updates
  • Reviewing updated information sheets from a family carer perspective
  • Feeding back on whether the information provided was clear and accessible to families
  • Looking at whether there would be any other useful information which could be included
  • Checking for any errors

 You would be contacted about once a month by email. If you are interested in joining the Family Carer Review Panel, email Jessie at - we would love to hear from you!


Fundraise for the CBF


As a charity we’re always looking for new fundraisers and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Whether you’d like to host a dinner party, a coffee morning or a bake sale or even take on a skydive or a marathon, we can help you with ideas, planning, safety and setting up your fundraising page.

Email Laura at to start planning your fundraising event.

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