Workshops Feedback & Evaluation

Positive feedback about our workshops tells us that they really benefit families and professionals, and formal evaluations have confirmed improvements in behaviour as well as in workshop attendees’ confidence and ability to respond to challenging behaviour.

  father and son

“Brilliant workshop – I have learnt so much” (Family Carer)

“Theory and practical balance was excellent” (Teacher)

“Being with other parents who share the same experiences is fantastic to reduce feelings of isolation” (Family Carer)

“Excellent – particularly listening to parents’ points of view – it is so easy to forget about a child’s home life” (Teaching Assistant)

“What’s had the greatest impact is working as a team. We all know that we are all doing the same thing and consistency has had a huge impact” (Family Carer)

“what I like best about the workshop is working alongside parents, having the time to reflect on challenging behaviour, to step back from a situation and reflect on it, and then plan together” (Speech and Language Therapist)

You can also read more testimonials here.

Evaluation of the CBF Workshops 

The University of Kent’s Tizard Centre evaluated CBF workshops delivered at five special needs schools using academic standard research methodology. The evaluation found the workshops had a significant effect such that  

  • Frequency of challenging behaviour was reduced
  • Severity of challenging behaviour was reduced
  • Challenging behaviour was easier to manage
  • Teachers reported a reduction in anxiety and fear
  • Families reported a reduction in depression and anger 

The full report can be read in the Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, Volume 8 Number 4 pp 266–275 December 2011. 

You can also read this summary.

Evaluation Interviews with Workshops Participants

In July 2012, in-depth analysis was done of extended interviews with five family carers who had participated in the workshops. The interviews were conducted by the same research psychologist who evaluated the effect of the workshops (above).

The responses from the participants were that the workshops were very helpful.

A quick-read pdf version of the report summarising the themes and findings of the interviews can be downloaded here


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