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The CBF is offering free online support for family carers from your own homes via video call during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read below about Carers' Catch Ups and Behaviour Chats.


Carers' Catch Ups

These are informal chat groups with other families. Chat with others who understand the ups and downs of caring for and about someone with a severe learning disability.

Celebrate successes, share tips, have a moan with others who ‘get it’.

Watch this short video from Diana, one of our hosts, who explains more about the sessions:


Join our Family Carers' email network to find out more.

The Family Carers’ Email Network puts you in touch with families around the UK, to share experiences, get information and peer support. 


Behaviour Chats

Share your 'right here, right now' concerns about challenging behaviour with a small group, including a trained family carer and a volunteer expert.

We are offering peer to peer support for carers of children and adults with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges through one hour sessions.

We are hoping to next run some sessions in 2021, demand permitting.

We've already received some great feedback from our chats:

"I found the experience deeply moving and felt privileged to be part of it. It was wonderful that the mums were heard and validated as they opened their hearts about the struggles they faced to do their best for their families in extraordinarily challenging circumstances.”

"The first chat reinforced the huge impact such experiences can have on families. Two family carers shared their heart-breaking and life-affirming stories. Just having access to experts and the ear of people who’ve experienced similar situations clearly meant a great deal, and together we were able to suggest practical strategies others have found useful in such circumstances, as well as offering support with exhausted parents.”

"I really appreciated being able to speak to professionals and other parents with similar challenges." 

For more information and to apply to join, please email us at: 




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